The Best Gifts On Amazon
Raise your hand if you did most of your Christmas shopping on Amazon? Amazon is the best invention ever, seriously. There are a ton of items that you can add to your cart and it'll show up in your mailbox two days later. You can (sometimes) find these items in stores, but let's be honest, Amazon has some of the best prices. Here are some of the best gifts to get this season off of Amazon.
50 Must-Have Products

Everyone has a list of their must-have products. Including myself. Some of our products might be the same, some might be different. I've listed everything from beauty to food to fashion. These are my top 50 must-have products.

Gifts For Your Significant Other

I actually love shopping for my boyfriend. Okay, but let's be honest, I just love to shop. My favorite feeling is knowing that I found a really unique item that he's never heard of but I know he'll love. It does get a little tricky though, trying to get more creative and sneaky especially when you live with your significant other. But nonetheless, here are some of my favorite gifts that you can get your partner too!
Gifts For Mom & Dad
Is it just me or does it get harder and harder to shop for you parents each year? The older you get and the more you start to work and make money the harder it is to find the right gift for your parent. Especially since you want to give your parents the world but you can't afford it (just yet). Here's a round up of gifts that mom and dad will love this year!
Dog Behavior & Rehabilitation With Brianna of Pack Leader Help LLC

It's no secret that I love my dog.  I treat Oliver as if he's a child of my own. It's grossly adorable. Like a child though, he needed some serious training. Do you train children? Oh well, Oliver needed some training!! He's so lovable and is way more chill than most huskies, but there were some things he needed instruction on that we just didn't know how to provide to him. Enter Brianna. We met Brianna through our friend Maria and right away we hit it off. She was incredibly easy to work with and I'm not even exaggerating when I say she is completely affordable! My mouth hits the floor every time she sends us an invoice because to get a personal dog trainer, who is so flexible and comes to your own home is normally a ridiculous price, but Brianna honestly loves what she does and wants to share her knowledge more than making a quick buck. I can't rave enough about Brianna and Pack Leader Help LLC. To get to know more about Brianna check out her interview down below and of course contact her if you're interested in setting up a behavior modification session.
Links I Love

Happy holiday season everyone! I have been crazy busy with decorating the house, Christmas shopping, hanging out with friends and family and our soccer team made it to the semi-finals! It's definitely been a whirl wind of the last few weeks, but that doesn't stop me from finding some fun reads online. Here's another round of Links I Love.
Stocking Stuffers
Who doesn't love a good stocking stuffer? In our family, stockings are saved for last and they are always the most fun to go through. My dad is the KING of stockings and always puts the funniest things in there like lottery tickets or special types of candy. It's also a great place to throw in a gift card. There are so many fun stocking stuffers out there and I wanted to share some of my favorites today.
Christmas Wishlist
This is always one of my favorite blog post to write because I basically get to online shop without the actual shopping part. I basically just add a ton of stuff to my wish list on my Pinterest board and send the link to my friends. Basically making me the easiest person to shop for. Here is my Christmas Wishlist this year!