Kylie Cosmetics Review

April 06, 2018

Kylie Cosmetics Review
I am really excited for this blog post because I am talking all about Kylie Cosmetics. I was definitely a fan of the first set of lip kits that came out, but just never seemed to get my hands on a set. It wasn’t until this past Christmas when Omar got me multiple items from the Kylie Cosmetics site. I was in shock because he definitely went through a lot of trouble trying to get his hands on some of these items. Seriously, it was an awesome surprise. I guess I’ll keep him a little while longer.

Now, he got me a lip kit, a lip gloss, and a wet set highlighter palette. The Holiday Wet Set is a limited edition and I was soooooo excited to play around with it. The textures of the highlighters are so creamy and feel so weird (but a good kind of weird) when transitioning from wet and soft to powder. It’s really cool though to see it transition. Kylie was not playing around with her highlights either. These things are blinding. I think the only issue I have and it’s totally just me, is getting it from the palette to the brush. I seem to have to rub kind of hard to make sure I’m getting enough to put on. It might just be me though and it’s not even that big of a deal. I love the Holiday Wet Set. The colors, the textures, the pigmentation, just all of it is really awesome.

The lip gloss shade is Jolly. This is such a deep purple it looks good on any skin tone. I love to wear dark colors like this especially when my friends and I go out to the bars or something. It’s extremely pigmented and little goes a long way. It’s moisturizing too and doesn’t dry out the lips.

The lip kit shade is Autumn. This color is so beautiful because you cant tell if it’s more orange or more red. I really like this color because it can be worn on any and all occasions. The pencil lip liner is super soft and creamy. It glides on so easily and it’s easy to get the perfect outline on your lips. The matte liquid lipstick is definitely matte. It dries pretty quickly too, so heads up on that. Aside from that, I would also suggest putting chap stick on or something before your lip kit, because if your lips are dry then you put on a matte lipstick it emphasizes any cracks or dryness on your lips.
The only thing that may be an inconvenience, but at the same time is a good thing, is that it is extremely long lasting. If you plan on wearing a lipstick or lip gloss all day long then you should definitely invest in some Kylie products. I always have to use Micellar Water to get this stuff off my lips. Like I said though, if you plan on wearing it all day long than that’s not a bad thing.

I definitely give Kylie a 10/10 on her beauty products. I have nothing bad to say about these and I highly recommend getting some products of your own. Get $10 off your first order now!

xoxo, Michele


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