Moving Vlog

May 11, 2018

Moving Vlog

Wow! These past few months have been crazy. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Omar and I moved to Falls Church and we have been non-stop shopping, organizing, cleaning and of course moving. We had the whole family helping us move all of our stuff into our apartment. The good thing is we didn't really have any big items that needed to be moved because well we still don't have a couch or bed, but we have a vacuum guys so don't worry we're good to go. In the mean time, I wanted to try something a little bit different and create a vlog showing the moving process and everything in between. Some of this was filmed prior to the move while we were furniture shopping and the rest was filmed on moving day and throughout the week. I love watching my favorite YouTuber's vlogs and I thought, hey why not give it a try (FYI: Vlogging is not as easy as it seems). So here you go, a vlog for the blog.

xoxo, Michele

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