Hi!  I'm Michele.  I'm a vegetarian, hardcore Redskins fan, diet coke drinker, magazine subscriber, twenty something year old college student.

I'm a Communications major finishing my degree through Old Dominion University.  English is my favorite subject because I absolutely love to write and I believe people underestimate just how powerful words truly are.  My dream is to work for a magazine one day as a layout designer, copy editor, marketing director, or editor in chief.

My favorite animals are tigers.  I have a weird obession with otters.  My pets, Lumpy the hedgehog and the two-colored eye Siberian Husky, Oliver, are hands down the coolest, cutest, and weirdest pets I have ever had.

I am fascinated with the concept of design.  I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with the world and as I said before, I have a passion for writing.  I started this blog as a personal creative outlet, but I love when people tell me that they are following along.

I strive every day to be a better version of myself and slowly but surely I'm starting to design a life that I love.

xoxo, Michele